Combating Seasonal Depression with Telemental Health

woman depressed during the winter holidays

Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a recurring form of depression that occurs cyclically during autumn or winter and resolves in spring or summer. It is believed to be linked to changes in light exposure and circadian rhythms. Causes and Symptoms of Seasonal Depression The causes of seasonal depression are not […]

Therapy without the Drive

The Benefits of Virtual Therapy for Americans Outside of the Big City Caroline Gamble, MSN, PMHNP-BC If you live outside of a major metropolitan area, it might be difficult to find a mental health care provider that is right for you. Virtual therapy offers a convenient and affordable solution for rural Americans seeking mental health […]

7 Things to Reduce Everyday Stress

Stress is a common experience that we all go through at some point in our lives. We encounter stress in different ways, such as work, personal challenges, or the unpredictability of everyday life. Unfortunately, stress can be an unwelcome guest that often overstays its welcome. When stress becomes a constant companion, it can lead to […]

Why you should choose BlueSky Telepsych

BlueSky Telepsych offers specialized mental health services for individuals dealing with a range of emotional and behavioral concerns. From talk therapy and medication management to specialized treatments across the lifespan, BlueSky Telepsych provides comprehensive and compassionate care. With online appointments, insurance options, and expert clinicians, BlueSky Telepsychiatry can help individuals manage depression and anxiety, cope […]

The Virtual Revolution in Mental Health 

Mental Health Telepsychiatry

Discover the Power of Telepsychiatry for Tailored Care at Your Fingertips  Caroline Gamble, PMHNP-BC In recent years, a groundbreaking transformation has been underway in the field of mental health care, revolutionizing the way we seek treatment. Enter telepsychiatry—an innovative virtual approach that’s dismantling barriers and making mental health care more accessible than ever before. Telepsychiatry […]

Finding a Psychotherapist Near Me

HOW TO FIND THE BEST PSYCHOTHERAPIST NEAR ME? When searching for the very best psychotherapist near me, we suggest you take into consideration many factors. First, it is important to understand what a psychotherapist is and what type you need. Then, consider what issues you are having and who would be the best qualified psychotherapist […]

What Does a Psychiatrist Treat?

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People often ask us what do psychiatrists treat, so here is a detailed overview. WHAT DO PSYCHIATRISTS TREAT? Psychiatrists generally treat people with serious mental health conditions such as major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD.) Many psychiatrists also help people with a wide variety of other types of mental […]

6 Must Haves for an Online Psychiatrist

It’s difficult to overcome mental health struggles. An Online psychiatrist can help with overcoming these struggles quite efficiently. A psychiatrist is a board-certified medical doctor that has an excellent understanding of mental health. A psychiatrist does a thorough evaluation and prepares an efficient treatment plan for patients using their years of training, knowledge, and experience. […]

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