Downers Grove, Illinois

Rayyan Sami

Dr Sami’s passion for psychiatry began in his undergraduate studies, graduating as a neuroscience major from the University of Michigan, with a 3.9 GPA; for his academic excellence, he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa—America’s oldest honor society—joining the ranks of 17 former United States Presidents and 40 Supreme Court Justices.

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Sami was a public-school educator in New York City, teaching Algebra to middle schoolers. “I was originally brought on to help everyone pass their state exams… much to my surprise, they did. That’s when I knew there was something in education for me”.

At Rush University, Dr. Sami has three administrative roles:  executive chief resident, education chief, and internal moonlighting coordinator. As executive chief, Dr. Sami schedules 2 literature revie series: Rush’s journal club, and “Controversies in Psychopharmacology” (a literature review that finds new controversial topics in psychiatry). Along with faculty, he also organizes the PRITE exam review series; an avid test taker, Dr. Sami has also earned competitive scores—earning >90th percentile  in neuroscience on his 2020 and 2021 exams, respectively. Dr. Sami also oversees Balint group (a support group for residents, designed to address physician burnout and promote wellness).

As education chief, Dr. Sami oversees Rush’s Teaching Clinic—a new educational initiative designed to give medical students hand. He actively lectures medical students and residents. Along with his other co-residents, he helped developed a novel one-on-one tutoring series in which at-risk medical students receive help passing their NBME shelf exams; so far, 100% of Dr. Sami’s mentees have passed their shelf exams. Further engaging with his passion in neuroscience, Dr. Sami has also co-led a novel neuroscience curriculum, acting in concordance with reading materials designated by the NNCI (National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative).  Dr. Sami also gives lectures to his co-residents.

Dr. Sami is also the internal moonlight coordinator at Rush, ensuring continuous and effective psychiatric care for Rush’s emergency department; an avid moonlighter himself, Dr. Sami has logged over 1,000+ hours of experience in the emergency room—stabilizing high acuity situations like psychosis, mania, and agitation. In this role, Dr. Sami has accrued accounting and bookkeeping experience, and works closely with the payroll department.

Dr. Sami also has an active role in the Illinois Psychiatric Society, the Illinois branch of the APA. He serves on multiple committees, including the anti-racism committee and the government affairs committee. Dr. Sami’s interests are in interventional psychiatry. He currently works in Rush’s TMS and ketamine clinic. In October, he worked with IV Chicago Solutions. He also shadowed Dr. Eugene Lipov, the pioneer of performing stellate ganglion block to treat PTSD.

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