Stephanie Gonzalez
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Downers Grove, Illinois
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Houston, Texas
Seattle, Washington

Stephanie Gonzalez

I earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree specializing in Psychiatry from The University of Texas at Arlington. I am proud to say I am a Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I am a true believer that not one of my fellow humans is immune to stress, anxiety, and feelings of sadness at some point in their life. We all find ourselves feeling vulnerable at times. It is completely normal to question why we feel the emotions that we do, why we seem to fall apart at times, and better yet, how we can get through it all in one beautiful piece. I think the first step to meaningful recovery from anxiety, depression, complex mental illness, and/or substance use is to reach out and ask for help. It is a difficult, but very brave action. I am not one to judge, look down on, question your past experiences, or current situation. I am very good at rationally breaking down a situation and I can offer practical advice and medication suggestions depending on your goal in mind.


Accepted Insurance:

BCBS PPO, Aetna PPO, United/Optum PPO, Cigna PPO and HMO

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